A Cut Above the Rest

Bendun Abstract is a cut above other title examining companies, offering a double-review process that ensures accuracy and dependability, and our Title Reports include uniformly written exceptions that are concise and easy to understand.



All of our commercial exams are reviewed by an attorney on staff and compiled into a Proforma Title Report/Commitment form in both PDF and Word format. The Proforma Title Report/Commitment contains a summary setting forth any issues found and suggests solutions thereto. We also provide you with copies of all the relevant documents which are hyper-linked into our Word Report. Our policy is to provide an examination to you with all possible exceptions, thereby enabling you to determine which exceptions to transfer directly to your commitment or policy. Our attorneys are always available to the client for follow-up commentary if necessary.


We will provide you with our Proforma Title Report/Commitment, including a typed legal description, in PDF and Word format, as well as copies of all pertinent deeds and other documents affecting the property.


You will receive a secure login and password to our website where you may order a title exam. You will be able to upload any supporting documents you have with the order.  We encourage you to provide a Parcel identification #, Survey or deed reference in addition to an address so we are clear on requirements.  Our Web Application automatically updates the status of every file in real time on our website as it advances through the various stages of the work-flow. This allows our clients to track each order instantly.  We can tailor your profile to meet the needs of your company.  There can be 50 users with unique login credentials and project codes to designate how completed products are provided to you.  This can be useful if there are different departments within your organization ordering files.  A billing email can be entered so invoices automatically go to the appropriate recipient.


As our network continues to grow throughout the Southeast into the mid-Atlantic and Northeast, we have the means to provide you with title examinations as well as other information in short order. If you need a special type of report, or prefer that your report and copies be presented in a manner that is unique to your company's needs, please do not hesitate to contact us. We pride ourselves in the ability to make all necessary adjustments in order to meet the needs of our clients.

Through our affiliate, InsureProps, LLC, we offer complete title insurance, real estate closing and escrow services in Georgia. www.insureprops.com

The work is excellent. The turn time is excellent. The communication with my people and your office has been outstanding. It’s a pleasure working with Bendun.
— Mark Ather, Vice President, PropertyInfo Corp.