Delivering Accuracy & Peace of Mind

Our examination process is unique to the industry with a double review that ensures accuracy and delivers peace of mind.


The Bendun Review Process

Bendun Abstract has developed a unique process for the examination of titles, which not only includes what we refer to as the "double review", but also allows our clients to submit and track their orders online.  After the initial search by one of our experienced Title Examiners, reports are delivered to our main office for additional review by one of our in-house attorneys or senior reviewers.  During this important part of the Bendun Review Process, the Reviewer checks the information submitted by the Title Examiner and fills in the Summary page of the Title Report with pertinent comments to assist you.


We pride ourselves in having the most reliable and experienced title examiners in every state we operate within.  They are the most vital component of our process.  On average, our examiners have more than 15 years of experience in the field.  In addition to those years of experience, we consistently train and keep the Title Examiners current on changes in the laws, as well as changes in our clients' needs and requirements.  All of our Title Examiners are equipped with a copy of the Bendun Examiner's Manual, which sets forth procedures, guidelines, and standards to follow in the examination of titles.  Our Examiner's Manual is unique in the industry and helps to ensure the uniformity and procedures for each Title Examiner on our staff.


Our Title Reviewers are an integral part of our operation in that their eyes are trained to find any discrepancy in the title and to bring it to your attention.  We have experienced real estate attorneys, as well as former senior title examiners, performing a review on every file.  The process includes going through each title exam in detail to ensure the accuracy of the documents submitted and pointing out important matters that may impact the title.  The Title Reviewer's findings are set forth on the Summary page of our Title Report.  Our Title Reviewers are also equipped with a copy of the Bendun Reviewer's Manual, which contains reference materials and standard language for use in setting forth title exceptions and suggested solutions to help clear title.  The Reviewer's Manual is indeed unique in the industry.


Because we're the best - offering a "double review" examination process, undertaken and overseen by experienced professionals, following standard procedures and guidelines as set forth in the Bendun Examiner's and Reviewer's Manuals.

Title examinations that are accurate and dependable - that's the Bendun promise. Perhaps the better questions are, "Why wouldn't you use Bendun to examine your titles?" and "Can you afford not to?"

Bendun Abstract is my top referral for commercial title examination in Georgia. I never have to worry when I see one of their reports cross my desk.
— Dawn Lewallen, Associate Senior Underwriter, Stewart Title Guaranty Company